Двадцать пятый аналитический доклад о ходе СВО на Украине

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В новом отчете мы рассмотрим:

➖Попытки ВСУ прорваться на Запорожском направлении и активизацию атак на Новодонецкое и Новомайорское;

➖Ухудшение обстановки на южном фланге Бахмута;

➖Продвижение ВС РФ под Марьинкой и Красногоровкой;

➖Удары ВСУ по тыловым районам России;

➖Продолжение войны ДРГ на Херсонском направлении.

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  1. TO: Rybar
    FROM: SayanimSayeret (signed-in to Rybar’s website)
    DATE: Wed, Sept 13, 2023

    SUBJECT: where it is happening to fight discrimination and to safeguard opportunity and civil rights

    Summer is over. Ukraine/Kiev’s summer counteroffensive (from June 4, 2023, until August 31, 2023) is done. Nevertheless, ….

    In various cities (in Kiev, in Brussels’ NATO headquarters, and London, Washington D.C., along with other clandestine, darkened basement meeting halls), the management officeholders, and appointed officials, have decided to continue revving up the engine of their frontal (“human meat grinder”) attacks against their enemies (Russia AND allied rebel ‘eastern’ Ukraine provinces AND Ukrainians therein) until perhaps December 31, 2023, or until the first significant snowfall, “whichever comes first”. Nonetheless, we, and the world, are afraid the verdict is in.

    The combined NATO’s, and sycophant Ukraine/Kiev’s, counteroffensive (that began as a ‘spring’ affair, but its months were lost in feverish indecision) which finally materialized, in ‘summer’ 2023, in very early June until very end of August: IT ALL has been a textbook case, for all the future generations to be cautious about, of unmitigated disaster and colossal failure!

    Many more different projects, programs, and pro-America policies (economic, social, educational, ‘military’, etc.) could have been done INSTEAD OF wasting the Billions of Dollars in the eastern European wild goose chase, whether of a counteroffensive nature, or some other monumental action-oriented, but misguided, “new world order” designation.

    We believe the American people will ‘not’ forget the usurpers, gangsters, criminals, anti-humans, and intellectually deficient, lacking in basic common sense and moral good judgement (elected or appointed) not-so-good individuals: who drove the U.S. into the bottomless pit of backwardness and incessant turmoil.

    Meantime, regardless of the every 5-minutes constant drivel and unending NATO and Ukraine/Kiev drooling military misinformation (“propaganda”), here we are to set the record straight.

    The dated and started on June 4, 2023, Ukraine/Kiev military operation, up and down the 600-miles of front-lines, never achieved gaining more than “0.015625” (or 1/64) of the territory presently occupied by the Russian Federation (and allied rebel ‘eastern’ Ukraine provinces). Ukraine/Kiev (and NATO allies) huffed and puffed, and blew as hard as they could to dismantle their enemies, but to no avail.

    Those NATO-made (NATO-supplied), as well as U.S.-made (U.S.-supplied), whether light, medium, or heavy weapons; whether to use in the land, or in the sea, or in the air: military systems (in earlier campaigns) were put to use against unsophisticated radical, extremist, enemy insurgents, who roamed in sometimes urban, other times rural, and often mountainous terrain; however, ALL “those weapons” (and later modernizations of them) in Ukraine/Kiev’s hands proved ineffective when trying to dislodge the descendants of a once great, (once even “allied with” the U.S. and Britain), mighty military tradition who (regardless of early W.W.-2 ‘disgusting’ failures) came out swinging against the Nazis in W.W.-2, and pushing from the East, met the Allies at Berlin on those days of final, and total, victory.

    The battlefield “score keepers”, in Ukraine/Russia war, are not rating, with good numbers, the various British war machines (“Storm Shadow”, “Challenger 2”, “Malloy T-150”, “M270 MLRS”, “NLAW’s”, “Brimstone 1”, “Mastiffs”, “Starstreaks”, “Stormer HVM”, etc.), as well as not rating, very well, the countless U.S. weaponry (“Javelins”, “Stingers”, “M777’s”, “Bradleys”, “Strykers”, dozen different versions of “attack drones”; the soon to arrive “M-1’s”, “F-16’s”, etc.), in addition to giving somewhat poor performance, to the versions of modern weapons that France, Germany, Poland, other NATO countries, are giving to Ukraine/Kiev.

    They, the NATO alliance supporting Ukraine/Kiev, from Day-1, wanted a “no-fly zone”, wanted a “magic bullet”, wanted a “doomsday machine”, wanted a “Death Ray”, (wanted the U.S. to bring out its mysterious “Alien Weapons” from Area-51), and so forth. All of it is pure hype and juvenile exaggerations. After all, look at how the battlefield action (land, sea, and air) has turned out to be. We have “trench warfare” (as in W.W.-1) and “tank battles” (as in W.W.-2). We have slow-moving; miniaturized; mostly employing ‘helicopter-type’ propellers; inexpensive (some between $250 to $500); using rope, cardboard, and rubber bands to secure “the bombs” before letting them go (in mid-air, and a couple of hundred miles away from where they took off); etc., NONE OTHER THAN: military “attack” drones that are all the rage these days!

    (NOTE: for the record, of course, under the command and operation of the U.S., also NATO, there are super-drones, with the latest technology, the best software, costing Millions to build, that are flying high, very high, and doing monitoring, reconnaissance, and control of the “above and below” movements of military formations and “their intentions”. These are separate, “almost a secret”, resources being used in the Ukraine/Kiev war that are “supplying the intelligence”, and are ‘not’ part of the Ukraine/Kiev ministry of defense or of its armed forces. Without any argument, these super-drones work as if, to make a point: “they came out of Area-51”. In truth, we are fortunate to have innovative companies and very talented engineers here in the U.S.).

    ALL OF THE prior-listed (“conventional” war) military hardware (especially in the case of the U.S.) might have been effective against “radical, extremist insurgents”, EXCEPT NOW they are facing, let’s be realistic, a “nuclear power” country with up-to-date offensive and defensive weapons systems deployed in their army, navy, air force, and special forces. Say whatever anyone wants to detract, earlier in 2022, from their battlefield experience in the Ukraine/Russia war, the Russian Federation armed forces have faced, daily, for years, on their eastern-most frontier: the millions (tens of millions?) of soldiers in the mainland Chinese forces (many skirmishes, even days-long, bloody, major battles have taken place, which have been quieted down very soon, afterwards, by their respective governments through the 1950’s, 60’, 70’s, and up to the present).

    We hate (absolutely detest) to have to bring up these next impressions. These are what immediately come to mind. Forget the “no-fly zone”, “magic bullet”, “doomsday machine”, “Death Ray”, or dust-covered memorabilia “from Area-51”, we are witnessing a “test of the will” (that is, the will-power) of the respective Ukraine/Kiev (and NATO allies) versus Russian Federation (and allies in ‘eastern’ Ukraine).

    On the one hand, Ukraine/Kiev (with NATO) prepared for, trained for, organized to launch a majestic “counteroffensive” to, as it were, conquer The Earth, The Moon, and The Stars. On the opposite side, the Russian Federation troops (and allies) spent the same months as their enemy, but to meticulously construct “superb defenses” and rehearse plans of action on how to coordinate it with the necessary infantry, armor, artillery, and air forces to repel the enemy “from every direction”. Imagine all this work and effort by the combatants here whose front-lines travel along a jagged, curved, up and down, 600-miles long, giant Obstacle Course.

    One side is resorting to frontal (“human meat grinder”) attacks; wants to extradite the military-age citizens who hurriedly left to foreign countries (it could be a couple hundred-thousands, perhaps half-million, or more), to then re-assess their deferment (or not) or re-examine their medical disability (or not) and, accordingly, force them to enlist, or face the consequences; and, has already banned all political parties (the only party allowed is the one presently in power that is controlling the war); and, has placed draconian, uncomfortable restrictions on practicing religion, on performing journalism, and on the ability to express freely, etc.

    The other side of this war, as much as it is considered (by “the West” and the West’s friends) to be the equivalent of “outcasts”, they still claim that on the fateful day of “February 24, 2022”, they were positively responding to their Russian-language, Russian-traditions, and Russian-customs “neighbors” of ‘eastern’ Ukraine. “NOT ONLY” the ‘eastern’ Ukraine civilian leaders and military commanders had been, for years (definitely since 2014), expressing their displeasure for the Ukraine/Kiev government’s discrimination, lack of opportunity, violations of civil rights (you see, ‘eastern’ Ukrainians are full-fledged “Ukrainian” citizens), and utter mismanagement of their ‘eastern’ provinces economic environment and future prospects for growth and prosperity. “BUT ALSO”, to make it all “completely” unsatisfactory, since 2014, the Ukraine/Kiev government fires artillery shells (‘still’ happening today, of course) all day long, against sectors of the ‘eastern’ Ukraine territories (especially Luhansk and Donetsk, but can randomly happen to any of the others, at any time). For these reasons, as recent as Nov-Dec ‘2021’, the civilian leaders and military commanders of ‘eastern’ Ukraine had officially ‘requested’ the Russian Federation TO HELP THEM in the “Civil War” against the Ukraine/Kiev government. It was, three months later, on “February 24, 2022” when the Russian Federation finally agreed to the ‘request’ and advanced armed forces into ‘eastern’ Ukraine TO JOIN the fight (in the internal “Civil War” going on in all of Ukraine).

    COULD ‘you’, or anyone, POSSIBLY ‘not’ be taking into consideration the ‘eastern’ Ukrainians struggle against the Ukraine/Kiev government’s discrimination, lack of opportunity, violations of civil rights (you see, ‘eastern’ Ukrainians are full-fledged “Ukrainian” citizens), and utter mismanagement of their ‘eastern’ provinces economic environment and future prospects for growth and prosperity? COULD ‘you’, or anyone, POSSIBLY ‘not’ notice that, constantly, the Western media only offers daily updates of the civilian casualties, allegedly, caused by the Russian Federation, WHEN also daily, since 2014, there are ‘eastern’ Ukrainian civilians being bombarded in their towns, in their homes, and being seriously wounded, or killed, from Ukraine/Kiev’s artillery, AND the Western media ‘never’ mentions it? COULD ‘you’, or anyone, POSSIBLY ‘not’ understand the apathy, the lack of respect, since 2014, for the struggles of ‘eastern’ Ukrainians: IS EXACTLY WHAT eventually led, in February 2022, to the escalation of the internal “Civil War” going on in all of Ukraine and turning it into a WORLD-WIDE CONFRONTATION?

    There are those who argue “if the struggles of ‘eastern’ Ukrainians” would have been dealt with, soon after 2014 when they began; THEN the internal “Civil War” in Ukraine could have been prevented; and PERHAPS this major, full-blown, all-out, present Ukraine/Russia war would ‘not’ have happened!

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